Head of Product

Permanent employee, Full-time · Remote

What would I do all day?
You'll play a big role in Seatti's growth and development. As our team is still small, you'll have a wide range of responsibilities. These include:
  • Define & lead strategic product initiatives to implement the product vision and business strategy you helped develop
  • Coordinate all stakeholders to implement the product strategy and the product development process.
  • Directly lead the product management team and implement effective methodologies.
  • Work closely with our CTO Moritz, CPO Johannes and Head of Marketing Ian on strategic product development.
  • You will be responsible for the budget and milestones of the product team.
Who exactly are you looking for?
All knowledge can be learned, so the most important thing for us is your passion and way of thinking. However, one advantage would be the following:
  • Experience in product management of a B2B SaaS business with leadership responsibility.
  • Experience in formulating and implementing a focused product strategy and in communicating with employees, stakeholders and customers.
  • Understanding of how to structure product teams and how to effectively coordinate the interaction of all stakeholders.
  • A strong analytical and technical acumen as well as a data- and customer-oriented mindset
  • A strong entrepreneurial understanding that enables ROI-based prioritisation
  • Good at making tough decisions in a sea of ambiguity and keeping everyone on track
  • Experience in a high-growth, early-stage tech company
  • Good German language skills at a professional level
But what can Seatti offer me?
Unfortunately, we are not (yet) a Google, so we cannot (yet) offer you free, gluten-free Acai Bowls every day. BUT we do offer you:
  • Work whenever and from wherever you want or we'll pay for you to move to us
  • Receive a strong salary including company shares
  • Receive all the Seatti merchandise you could dream of
  • Receive free membership to Swapfiets or €20 monthly for public transport
  • Receive a €67 food delivery credit every month
  • Receive a €400 AirBnB voucher per year to work wherever you want ????
  • Receive your ideal home office kit from €250/year You can make it your own!
  • Be part of a super fun, collaborative and motivated team
Most importantly, all the nice benefits are useless if you don't have fun at work every day. That's our top priority during this crazy journey and we'd love to have you join us!!!
Our Interview Process - quick and easy
Send us your resume and 3-4 sentences about yourself and why you want to work for Seatti
  1. A relaxed 20-30 minute get-to-know-you interview with our lovely People Manager Paula
  2. A 45 minute call where we can talk in depth with one of our Product Managers and our Founder and CPO Johannes about your experience, your passion for product and your role at Seatti.
  3. A 45 minute call with some more members of our product & tech team so you can get to know each other and discuss potential ways of working together in the future
  4. A 45 minute call where you will present your thoughts about a Mini Case-Study that is shared before and discuss product & company strategy with our Head of Marketing Ian and our CEO Chris
  5. A 30-minute get-to-know-you interview with 3-4 other team members, where you can have a final check if you want to join our team!
About us
Join the team!
We're growing like crazy. We're having lots of fun. And we're always looking for great people. So come join our team!

We're Seatti, a remote-first startup with hubs in Munich and Berlin. We want everyone to be able to work from wherever they want! That's why we have made it our mission to enable global companies to switch to hybrid and remote work. And that's why we're looking for you!
We're not Google (yet), so we can't offer you free açai bowls every day. BUT what we can offer you is:

- Work from wherever you want (you get a global WeWork membership), or we pay for you to move to us.
- A competitive salary and company share package.
- Come to our team outings to work AND party with the whole team.
- Get your ideal home office set up. You can design the whole set up yourself, up to €250 a year!
- Get free memberships to SwapFiets or a €20 public transport subsidy.
- Get a €67 credit every month for food delivery or groceries.
- Get a €400 AirBnB voucher every year to work from wherever you want!
- Get all the awesome Seatti merch you could ever dream of.
- Be part of a super fun, collaborative and motivated team.

✍️ Last but not least: Get a free, hand-stitched tattoo from our co-founder, Johannes!
Fill out your application here!
Hello! So, you also want to join Seatti? We're not surprised, we're pretty cool. All you gotta do is fill out the following short form, and you're ready to go. If you have any difficulties uploading your files, please contact us by mail at paula@seatti.co. Thanks!

We know you're pretty busy, so no need to spend a lot of time making your application look fancy and writing a cover letter. What we care about the most, is your interest and motivation in us. So, just send over your CV and 3-4 sentences about you and that's that!

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